WakePlayer Thailand

Terms and Conditions


No refunds are allowed upon confirmation of booking. In the event of postponement, partial cancellation or
complete cancellation, the following penalties apply for charges made:
   – More than 10 days: 10% will be charged and 90% will be credited to your next rescheduled session (within 2 months)
  – 5 to 10 days: 50% will be charged and 50% will be credited to your next rescheduled session
(within 2 months)
  – Less than 5 days or if you do not show up: 100% will be charged

Penalty fees will be calculated based on the date that WakePlayer receives final confirmation to proceed
with such a request.
Charges can only be made for originally booked sessions. WakePlayer will not accept subsequently
requests for further changes on postponed/rescheduled sessions.


In the event of inclement weather on your session day, dangerous weather situations, or any other
causes beyond our reasonable control. Your session maybe is delayed and/or canceled at the
discretion of WakePlayer.

Should the session be delayed and/or canceled due to the reasons mentioned above, any unused fees
paid, may be credited towards your rescheduled session (within 2 months). A physical Voucher will be
issued for your next scheduled booking


The customer is not entitled to a refund or credit term in the event of showing up late or an early
departure for the activity. Extra costs incurred due to a late start, early departure, or postponement of
booking are to be paid by the customer.
It is your responsibility to be punctual at WakePlayer office for your session regardless of the weather,
await further instructions from WakePlayer.

COVID19 Terms & Conditions

On the assumption that WakePlayer is allowed to operate, WakePlayer shall apply our standard Terms &
Conditions as stated above, on all sessions regardless of any new measures that may be implemented by
the authorities. No concessions will be made, and:
– You understand and agree to accept all risks should you decide to proceed with the booking of
your sessions.
– Penalty fees as follows with our standard Terms & Conditions shall apply to any requests for
postponement or cancellation of your sessions.

WakePlayer reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice. In
the event that any changes are made by the authorities.